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Noname: Thumbnail Looks Blurry on Homepage

Thumbnail Looks Blurry on Noname Template's Homepage

Blogger thumbnail blurry after new Blogger (core) update. Because of new photo URLs ( are not supported by scripts in old custom templates. The old one using URLs,, etc.

So, there is you must to do to repair that problems.

  1. Open your Blogger Dashboard. Click on Theme > Edit HTML
  2. Find and replace this JavaScript:
<script type='text/javascript'>
function resizeThumb(e,t){for(var g=document.getElementById(e),m=g.getElementsByTagName("img"),r=0;r<m.length;r++)m[r].src=m[r].src.replace(/\/s72\-c/,"/s"+t),m[r].width=t,m[r].height=t}resizeThumb("Blog1",540);
  1. With this:
function resizeThumb(e,t){for(var g=document.getElementById(e),m=g.getElementsByTagName("img"),r=0;r<m.length;r++)m[r].src=m[r].src.replace(/s72-(c|.*?-c)/,"s"+t),m[r].width=t,m[r].height=t}resizeThumb("Blog1",540);
  1. Save your Theme. Click on Eye Icon
  2. Enjoy it!

What Changed?

This code:


To this:


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